Data and AI

Millions of persons search a home each year. Do you know them?

You have access to millions of datapoints. Do you use them?

Co-libry is your partner specialized in data and AI, specific for real estate websites & platforms. We are an innovative player and very proud of our user-centric approach using AI.

With our on the shelf solutions, such as data capturing, enrichment, visualization and more advanced technology such as listing recommendations, content personalization and personalized 2nd transaction ads, you’re up to speed in no time.

But we’re more than just a SaaS player in the industry. We strongly believe in a collaboration between our experts and you to get the ideal solution for your specific situation. Every real estate marketplace or portal has a different focus, legacy systems and vision on the future. Based on your needs, technical background and data maturity, we can develop a plan of action together with you. Integrate it seamlessly within your current environment and business. And make sure you stay future-proof.


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