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Placert: making your listings social proof.

Placert adds a “soft side” to your house listing.

Buying or selling a house can be an emotional process, and it has always been difficult to capture the “soft side” of a house. A real estate broker adds what we call “hard data” to a house listing, things like: the number of rooms, square meters, the state of maintenance, location of the garden and of course the price.

Placert adds "soft data" to a house listing by asking the owner and their social network to endorse or add features, share photos and videos, pinpoint interesting spots on an interactive map and share nice memories/anecdotes. We're showing potential buyers the "soft side" of the house, data delivered by actual persons. Personal endorsements that turn a house into a home.

This creates an abundance of unique and relevant information and data for the property itself and can be used to promote the listing. In the meantime, we have also created extra possibilities for the newly connected social community. We created a promotional team of friends who care.

We made our listing “social proof” whilst enhancing the online reach and shares in the process. We unleashed the true power of social content.






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