Software Solution gives real estate websites the ability to easily and affordably harness the power of AI to boost their SEO, improve their user experience, and ultimately convert more leads.

Our plug-n-play Artificial Intelligence technology automatically tags all your real estate images with industry-specific metadata, so you can:

Boost your SEO
Giving your image the title “Living_room_with_fireplace.jpg” instead of “IMG5672.jpg” will raise its relevance in the eyes of Google, which will then rank the corresponding page higher in its search results.

Organize your images
Users don’t like to jump from a kitchen photo to a bathroom and then back to a kitchen. Let the power of AI automatically classify and organize all the different home scenes for you.

Compare listings room-by-room
Once users found homes that fit their budget and location, let them visually compare the respective kitchens and living rooms side-by-side, so you facilitate their decision-making process.

Determine what thumbnails convert better
By knowing what’s in every picture you can test what thumbnails convert better, so you always ensure highest possible click-through.  

Detect unwanted logos and watermarks
Our AI technology can also detect images with a logo or watermark so you can either block those photos or charge a premium for them.  



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