Feed Management

Transmit Data is a cloud based feed management tool that allows websites to export or import data feeds, mapping the different fields from one schema to another, converting data where necessary and validating the output.

Reliable data quality
Transmit Data is a highly available service that will reliably receive, convert, validate, and deliver your data feeds.

Simple to use
New feeds can be created, configured, and tested in minutes, all without programming.

Problems reported
The appropriate team will be notified when something isn't quite right. Get the information you need at your fingertips.

What it does

Configure your feeds

The visual interface makes it obvious how input data will be converted, where fields are mapped, and how the resulting output data will be validated. When creating a new feed much of the configuration will be prepared automatically, or you can clone an existing configuration.

Configure how fields are mapped
Additional field mappings to suit the required data transformation, be that splitting or merging fields, conditional mapping, or some other mapping combination.

Test your data
Any feed can be tested instantly using sample or user entered data without needing to create complex files or make web service requests.

Manage your feeds

Choose the data source and destination. Choose who receives error notifications and where images are hosted. Choose from all sorts of options or simply start using a new feed with sensible defaults.

Add and remove feeds
Add as many feeds as you want at any time, quicker than ever before. Existing feeds can be paused, reconfigured, cloned, or simply deleted.

Select schemas
Transmit Data supports a variety of schemas and we are regularly adding more. Simply request the schemas you need, and if they are not currently available we will add them.

Monitor your feeds

Don't be surprised by an angry partner or customer whose listings are not up-to-date again!

Detailed history
Track changes by searching for files or listings. Access the exact input data received and output data produced at any time, along with the associated error messages and warnings.

Troubleshoot problems
Test variations of the problem data or try alternative configurations to solve issues. Configuration changes are applied instantly.

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