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Create additional value to your portal by offering our CRM, website and new one-stop shop.

This will enable you to offer your customers access to leading real estate products and services from around the world whilst generating additional revenue streams.

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Beagel bidding engine embed real estate sales live in the portal.

Enterprise level software connects estate agents, bidders, sellers, and all other stakeholders live, 24/7 in trustable, transparent property sales embedded in the property portal. Online bidding increases consumers time on the portal, give competitive advantage and provides access to an otherwise unreachable data set.

Over €1bn of real estate offers have been powered by Beagel in the last 12 months alone.

Shortlisted FinTech Start-up of the year 2019 and a Microsoft supported start-up, Beagle’s white label technology seamlessly integrates with portals existing brand and systems.

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IOVOX is Europe's leading call-tracking and communication-analytics company. IOVOX tracks all forms of inbound enquiries and provides data insight solutions to major online Marketplaces including: Auto Trader, Trusted Dealers, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, L'Argus and Pages Jaunes.

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Portal Chat is a complete live chat system with its own integrated AI Chatbot.

If you are a real estate franchise group, software provider or property portal we want to talk to you about how integrating our solution will assist in increasing leads and scheduled viewings.

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Portal Ventures

Portal Ventures helps marketplaces leverage cutting edge organic search strategies similar to vertical search aggregators.

The strategies are a game-changer for marketplaces, delivering the best leads to your customers or internal sales team, and allowing you to dominate your competition.

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Property Portal Watch

Property Portal Watch's website has grown over the last 5 years to encompass a rich news and analysis site, regular International Conferences as well as consulting and advisory work.

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Utopia Analytics’s automated content moderation software, is used to automatically moderate online marketplaces’ classified ads. It learns the customers’ ad publishing policies as well as local customs and legislative restrictions from the customers’ data, i.e. human-moderated ads without the need for manual rule-based tools. Utopia AI Moderator works in any language, in any country, speeding up publishing of the ads, increasing quality and reducing costs.

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WGFC is an international financial services company that provides corporate finance and wealth optimization services for entities, investment funds and high wealth individuals focusing on the online Venture Capital industry (i.e. start-ups and growth stage companies).

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About Property Portal Accelerators.


Owning and running a property portal is becoming a more and more complex business. In these businesses you need to think about and provide a solution to multiple elements from:

  • Industry Sales & Marketing
  • A continued focus on product development and innovation
  • Generating qualified traffic to your advertisers and
  • Ultimately converting this traffic into qualified leads

A range of businesses have emerged that can assist your business with many of the before-mentioned tasks and can provide the solution via a simple “plug and play” approach – saving considerable resource and development costs to your business.

The team at Property Portal Accelerators have extensive experience in the real estate industry, across both portals and agencies in all International markets including Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Oceania, Middle East and Africa. As a result of this we are delighted to be able to provide you with access to many of the worlds leading providers of technology services for the real estate industry as part of our program.

If you would like to know more information about any of our partners solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us .

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